What are Freight Pipelines?

A freight pipeline is a freight only, safe, environmentally friendly, reliable and economical way to carry goods quickly and on time.

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How the Mole System Works

The control system

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See the Mole Solutions Demonstrator

The demonstrator freight pipeline comprises a track of 105m and two full-size capsules to transport material between the ends of the track.

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Benefits of Freight pipeline

  • Operational and capital cost saving
  • Just-in-time solution with less congestion and less pollution
  • ELECTRICALLY POWERED for sustainability and low environmental impact
  • ENCLOSED pipeline offers safe and secure transport
  • Highly Automated to allow for 24×7 unmanned operation
  • SIMPLE and MATURE technology provides high reliability, availability and maintainability
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About Mole Solutions

Mole Solutions Ltd was formed in 2002 to focus exclusively on the introduction of underground freight pipelines. The company has carried out a number of government funded studies to explore the feasibility and proof of concept of this innovative mode of transportation.

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