Alconbury Weald based Mole Solutions Ltd have successfully completed an Innovate UK Smart programme proof of concept project for an Urban Freight Transport System using the Mole Freight Pipeline solution.

This 9 month project used the town of Northampton as a typical example of an urban environment that is suffering from major congestion and pollution problems caused by excessive road usage in an outdated and archaic infrastructure system that is not fit for purpose in the 21st century and beyond.

The Mole Solutions team worked with its technical partners, socio economic experts and the local University and Councils to show that an installed Urban Freight Pipeline would provide long lasting economic, environmental and social benefits to towns such as Northampton,

The freight pipeline system would link trunk road accessible edge of town consolidation centres to strategically placed inner town nodal points using easily installed modular pipelines laid along side or under existing or realigned transport corridors. Palletised or bulk freight is moved in purpose built capsules by magnetic propulsion in a reliable, safe and secure manner.

How this works and how it could be applied to solve the problems in towns like Northampton is shown in the following video.


The results of this work can be used as the rational and base line for establishing successful investment and business cases for the installation of Freight Pipeline systems in towns and cities in the UK, in Europe in China and globally.

Mole Solutions are already in discussions with major conurbations to investigate how the escalating problems of road congestion and pollution can be dealt with by Freight Pipelines.