During 2018 Mole Solutions has been approached by organisations from China, India, Singapore and Vietnam to help solve their increasingly troublesome freight transport problems.

Members of the Mole Solutions team have been invited by The Professional Committee of Underground Logistics to attend the 2018 International Symposium on Underground Freight Transportation (ISUFT) in Beijing from November 20th to 23rd. The team will deliver three presentations during the conference and has arranged a number of meetings with Chinese enterprises and city planning institutes. The main theme of the Symposium is ‘To Develop Underground Logistics Systems (ULS) for Goods Delivery to Improve Living for Citizens’. The Symposium seeks to encourage further ULS research and implementation in order to create a cleaner and safer living environment. In the report of the “19th CPC National Congress”, Secretary General Xi considered “logistics” and water conservancy, railways, highways, water transport, aviation, pipelines, power grids, and information as infrastructure. In the construction planning of a New District, the planning of Smart Logistics is included, which is an integral part of Smart City Planning. The smart logistics plan of the New District will become China’s first urban logistics planning project and the underground logistics system is an important part of it.

In Sep 2018 in Beijing, China, Mole Solutions MD, Dr Roger Miles, was asked by JD logistics to work with them on a potential Urban Underground Logistics System (UULS) for Xiong’an City (the new capital city of China, a future city).

In the same month Dr Miles discussed with AECOM and Jurong Town a possible Underground Container Logistic system between Malaysia and Singapore.

Mole Solutions system director Bob Silverthorne and Principle Engineer Dr Carter Zhou visited Amaravati, India, in April 2018 to attend the Happy City Summit. This conference focussed on how freight and goods traffic could be segregated from commuter and citizen traffic. Mole Solutions recommended the local authority consider using Mole’s sub-surface Underground Logistics System.