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Mole Solutions Ltd

Mole Solutions Ltd was formed in 2002 to focus exclusively on the introduction of underground freight pipelines. The company has carried out a number of government funded studies to explore the feasibility and proof of concept of this innovative mode of transportation.

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Our Company

Mole Solutions is currently developing cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly underground freight pipelines for solid cargoes. The system is designed to integrate with existing supply chains and transfer some of the high volume of products that travel by road into capsules running in pipelines laid beside or under existing and planned transport infrastructure.

We have designed, built and commissioned Phase I of a demonstrator system that illustrates the driverless, controlled transportation of loaded freight capsules, designed for bulk products. This offers mining, aggregates and biomass companies major cost, safety, operational and environmental benefits. We plan to develop Phase II of the demonstrator to incorporate automated loading-unloading and a complete oval track in order to validate the energy and maintenance costs.

Studies have shown that the operating cost of a Mole system is approximately 12 to 20% of road costs.

The potential bulk products market is very large and global.

Within industrialised countries the major road freight volume is finished goods transported using pallets or roll cages.  A Mole system for pallets requires design changes to the capsule and the intermodal equipment.  As part of the Phase II enhancement of the demonstrator, work has already begun on the development of the pallet carrying system.  We are now seeking funds to progress this simple innovation which, just like the shipping container, can bring major cost and societal benefits and in the process produce major returns for investors.


Mole Solutions offices in Alconbury Weald Enterprise park new business block

Our Team


Dr Roger Miles
Managing Director

Stuart Prosser
Technical Director

Mike Steele
Finance Director

Bill Loose
Systems Director

Bob Silverthorne
Development Director

Mike Newman
Chief Engineer

Bob Duncan
Program Manager

Jo Hatton Jones
PR and Media

Dr Carter Zhou
Principal Engineer

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What We Do

Provide solutions for the cost effective, environmentally sound, loading, transport and unloading of freight using innovative pipeline technology.

How We Achieve Solutions For Our Customers

We identify potential solutions by:

  • System modelling
  • Comparison with alternatives

We design and install freight pipeline solutions with:

  • User contract
  • Civil works
  • Technology
  • Project management