Mole Solutions Demonstrator

Mole Solutions has constructed a development test site at Alconbury Weald Enterprise Park near Cambridge. The facility is for tests and trials to validate commercial and technical computer models and also to specifically demonstrate the operation of a MOLE BULK system aimed at replacing conveyor systems in quarry and mineral extraction applications. The facility has been part-funded by the Technology Strategy Board.

Phase I of the demonstrator comprises a track of 105 m and two full-size capsules to transport bulk material between the ends of the track. This project was part funded by an award from Innovate UK to develop a prototype freight pipeline system for bulk products: mining, aggregates, biomass, etc.

With a vision to apply freight pipeline systems to the retail logistics sector, Mole Solutions is currently in the process of developing a Phase II Demonstrator:

  • Refinement of hardware and software designs
  • Extended / continuous running will demonstrate reliability
  • Automated intermodal system for a palletized freight pipeline system
  • Track inclines and declines

Mole Solutions Freight Pipeline Applications

Mole Bulk:

for aggregates in the Mining Industry

Mole Urban:

for pallets in the Retail Sector

Mole Container:

for shipping containers in the Logistics Industry

Demonstration of MOLE BULK

The Mole Bulk system is the only full size demonstrator that exists, and it has has been successfully demonstrated to more than 100 organizations and companies.

Single capsule

Two capsules running as a train

Selection of tests